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i like to flintknap make a bow and try and preserve traditional craftmanship of my people but my favorite is walleye fishing

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    I am responding to a question you had about normanskill chert in march. I know of a few areas in the hudson valley where there is abundant chert outcroppings. The type of chert , I am not sure of. I have a collection of artifacts found along the hudson river and many of them appear to be the same material.Do you know of any ways of telling the workable chert from the stuff that is inferior? Are there any field guides?If your ever in the Greene/Ulster county area contact me and I can show it to you. Do you knapp?


    Reply from mohawkwoodman:

    hello yes ive knapped some normanskill i think its a shale from the devonian ive heared of eastern onondaga some esopus shale and snake hill chert along the hudson but ive never went down there and searched for it its about 4 hrs away from where i live i would like to go search though maybe in the fall. I know the darker greenish blackish stone is good for workability and the harder to find limish green is excellant but is limited usually to smaller pieces and tends to have cracks in the material. another paleoplanet member to talk to is clamdigger he mines the material and it is actually his favorite material and on youtube theres a member called iammohawk he has videos of himself mining normanskill (good idea of what useable material looks like) along with artifact collecting videos.